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Riddle me this: Who is Cutler?

Posted by GameSetMatch on November 6th, 2009

Who is Jay Cutler? Do you know? Do you have any real sense of the most-spotlighted athlete in our city at this time?

And if you’re honest, I think you’ll admit you don’t, either.

Derrick Rose, without question the other leading athlete celeb in town, is an open book, a veritable billboard of information and self-revelation compared to Cutler. Patrick Kane, who is moving up the chart with a bullet, is moderately chatty and lightly provocative, even when dealing with taxi-driver misfortunes.

But Cutler, the long-term and very wealthy face of our franchise sports team — the Bears rule and always will rule in a city of broad shoulders — has been here more than a half-year, yet it’s as though he hasn’t been here at all except for the football games, the eight-second sound bites and the often-blank-faced or seemingly irritated looks during officially sanctioned media moments.

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