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Two Games Away

Posted by Decker on June 1st, 2010

It’s June 1st, and the Chicago Blackhawks are two games away from becoming the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions. From a baseball perspective, the White Sox recently won the World Series. The Bulls won enough championships in the 90’s to last a lifetime. And the Bears were recently in the Super Bowl, and lost. Now it is the Blackhawks’ turn to try and win the big one. If the first two games are telling, it is that the Blackhawks are just one step ahead of the Flyers.

Enjoy it, Chicago. The Blackhawks are just outplaying Philadelphia, and it clearly shows. Whether it is the 6-5 goal scoring marathon victory, or the 2-1 defensive-oriented victory, Chicago has been one step ahead of Philadelphia.

Here is a song to celebrate to:

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