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Bull Needs

Posted by Decker on February 7th, 2011

The Chicago Bulls are 34-15, and playing very well. But come playoff time, there will certainly be trouble. The Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat all pose as serious threats to the Bulls. While their record shows that they could get to the finals, it will be tough. The Celtics always kick it up a notch come playoff time, as shown by last year. LeBron James and the Miami Heat will be hungry to get that NBA Championship. And the Magic have some aging players, and an extremely hungry Dwight Howard.

With the trade deadline coming up, it may be time for the Bulls to pull the trigger on a trade. Derrick Rose is a superstar, and Carlos Boozer is very good (when healthy), but the team could use another player. They have a great bench, and plenty of good role players. But packaging them for something better could be a possibility. As shown plenty of times by the Cavaliers, regular season success will not automatically translate to the playoffs.

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