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Pack Win Super Bowl, Don’t Blame Cutler

Posted by Decker on February 7th, 2011

Fans of the Chicago Bears were let down this season. They lost in the NFC Championship, and they ended up watching their rivals, the Green Bay Packers, be crowned Super Bowl Champions. Many were extremely unhappy with Jay Cutler, who did not play in the second half of that game. It was reported that he had MCL sprains, and possibly worse, but details have been shady. However, Bears fans should not get on Cutler. There have been some cases in the past where athletes had unbelievable games where they played clutch games, while injured.

But if Cutler had toughed it out and played, would he have played well? The Bears even had a third-string quarterback play well and keep them in the game. If Cutler was in, there is no telling how good, or likely, how bad he would have done. Sometimes it may be better for top players to sit, instead of not playing up to par. Should we get on Charles Woodson’s case for not playing in the second half of the Super Bowl because of a broken collarbone? Of course not. Jay Cutler got the Bears to the NFC Championship, and he is not to blame.

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One Response to “Pack Win Super Bowl, Don’t Blame Cutler”

  1. Matt in Denver, CO Says:

    I was one of the many fans in our country who was all over Cutler’s case after the loss to the Packers. I was not as upset over the fact that we lost the game, but how we lost the game. I have been an anti Lovie Smith Bears fan since his first year in Chicago. The media continues to talk and write about the lack of emotion that Cutler shows in public. Sure, we want emotion out of our star quarterback, but even more so we need emotion out of our head coach. Lovie shows less emotion than Cutler, and is supposedly the man who is running the show. Although by watching him during the game you certainly would not know that.

    One of my complaints about Smith is that he could not get along with Ron Rivera, who had our defense take us to the Super Bowl. What did Rivera get rewarded with, he got fired. If it were not for his stellar defense that year the Bears would have been nowhere near the big game. This brings me to this year’s NFC Championship game versus the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is an amazing quarterback, but when he began picking apart our defense on the first few plays of his first drive, an adjustment had to be made. Lovie and Rod failed to do so and he marched down the field on us twice early in the game.

    Here is my other beef with Lovie. We saw Todd Collins look like a peewee quarterback earlier in the year against the Panthers. How bad is he at judging talent that failed to realize that Caleb Hanie is a far better quarterback than Collins. Todd went out and wasted two drives in the third quarter that we got nothing out of. After seeing what Caleb was able to do once he entered the game, I am left to think about what might have been had he been able to have two more possessions in that game. Sure he threw two int’s, but he excelled under a large amount of pressure.

    Now, I am not saying the Bears are a better team than the Packers, but I think that game could have had a much different outcome if Lovie made adjustments early, and if he was able to evaluate talent and had Hanie as number 2. I am a die hard Bears fan, but I do think if they won that game they would have been one of the worse offense’s to ever represent in the Super Bowl. I know the Ravens were not great when they won, but our offense is brutal. We have no receivers. We have a very good tight end in Olsen, and Forte excels out of the backfield, but as far as the people who are being paid for catching footballs, we have none.

    I am a Huge Bears fan, but I am a real fan who can see through the false hope that a Lovie Smith team presents. I hope that management can see through the bad schedule and realize that the Bears only beat two legit opponents this season. If it were not for a lot of hard times for other teams this year, we would have been .500 or worse and watching Lovie get replaced by a new coach. Please don’t give him an extension!

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