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Rose Gets MVP

Posted by Decker on May 3rd, 2011

It is a great time to get Chicago Bulls tickets, as they are the best they have been since Michael Jordan’s prime. It capped off with the announcement that Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP in the league’s history. The whole season, the focus has been on the Miami Heat and their superstar trio. And when it wasn’t, the Eastern Conference focus was on the Boston Celtics. Even though they had the best record in the East, not once did the Bulls garner any attention.

But now, they will garner attention with Rose announced as MVP. He has certainly joined Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the category of elite point guards. The league has never had this many good point guards at one time. Chicago got lucky in the draft lottery a few years ago by getting Rose, when their chances of landing the first pick. It was like hitting the jackpot, and it would not be surprising if Rose wins the MVP again in years to come.

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