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White Sox

Posted by Decker on 27th August 2012

The White Sox are the best team in Chicago. The Bulls will not be nearly as good next year.

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Can Notre Dame Return to Prominence?

Posted by GameSetMatch on 26th August 2011

In recent years, Notre Dame football has seen their fair share of bumps in the road. But as the 2011 football season approaches withing a week, we can take a look at a few aspects of their football team. First of all, Notre Dame’s head coach has decided earlier this week that he would name senior quarterback Dayne Crist as the started for its opening season game against the South Florida Bulls. In his 2010 season, Crist threw for 2003 yards, 15 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He also had a completion percentage of 59.2 percent and was sacked 16 times in 9 games. He only competed in 9 of the 13 games for the Irish and on October 30th he only attempted two passes against Tulsa. During the game against Tulsa, Crist suffered a season ending injury, ruptured patella tendon in his left knee. After having a 4-5 record last season, Crist looks to come out strong and improve on last year.

One key target that Crist will be looking for this season is the junior wide receiver, Malcom Floyd. Last season, Floyd made a big impact racking up 1,025 yard off of 79 receptions. He also averaged 13 yards per catch and accumulated 13 touchdown receptions. As for the rest of the Notre Dame offense, they look to improve on a very weak offense. The Irish offense ranked 92nd overall in rush offense, 67th in points for and 34th in passing within all of the FBS division. As you take a look at their schedule, they are matched up against three preseason top 25 ranked teams but also have some tough unranked opponents. Some potential tough games will come up against Michigan, Michigan State, PIttsburgh, Air Force, USC, Navy and Stanford. The Fighting Irish defense will have to exceed their 23rd overall defense for tough games to come out the victors each week. With tough opponents like the ones mentioned above, it reminds me of the game poker, PP IT, their is a skill involved but at times you just need luck on your side and a good game face to edge out your opponents.

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Grand Opening Sale! Get 20% OFF to Celebrate…

Posted by GameSetMatch on 23rd August 2011

Click here to see a larger image..

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Hester Linked To Miami Probe

Posted by GameSetMatch on 18th August 2011

Devin Hester, the wider receiver for the Chicago Bears, is one of many players named by Nevin Shapiro the booster that has claimed that he gave current and ex University of Miami players cash and gifts. According to Yahoo! Sports, Hester allegedly received multiple cash gifts, tickets to a Miami Heat-Detroit Pistons playoff game, drinks and VIP access at nightclubs, entertainment on Shapiro’s $1.6 million yacht and jet skis, a suit, shoes and other clothing, $7,500 in bounties from game performances, approximately $3,000 for an engagement ring, multiple meals at Miami-area restaurants, food, drinks, entertainment and lodging at Shapiro’s $2.7 million Miami Beach home.

Yahoo! Sports lists the bounties that Hester received as: $1,000 total for a 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in a 38-33 win over Florida on Sept. 6, 2003; $2,500 total for two punt returns for touchdowns in a 48-0 win over Louisiana Tech on Sept. 18, 2004; $2,000 total for two return touchdowns in a 41-38 win over Louisville on Oct. 14, 2004; $1,000 total for a kickoff return for a touchdown in a 45-31 win over N.C. State on Oct. 23, 2004; and $1,000 total for a missed field goal returned for a touchdown in a 27-10 win over Florida on Dec. 31, 2004.

At the end of the day it was more than just Devin Hester who took cash and gifts from Nevin Shapiro. His integrity and loyalty to the rules of the NCAA was invisible, but the bigger problem is on the university and not the individual.

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Rose Gets MVP

Posted by Decker on 3rd May 2011

It is a great time to get Chicago Bulls tickets, as they are the best they have been since Michael Jordan’s prime. It capped off with the announcement that Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP in the league’s history. The whole season, the focus has been on the Miami Heat and their superstar trio. And when it wasn’t, the Eastern Conference focus was on the Boston Celtics. Even though they had the best record in the East, not once did the Bulls garner any attention.

But now, they will garner attention with Rose announced as MVP. He has certainly joined Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the category of elite point guards. The league has never had this many good point guards at one time. Chicago got lucky in the draft lottery a few years ago by getting Rose, when their chances of landing the first pick. It was like hitting the jackpot, and it would not be surprising if Rose wins the MVP again in years to come.

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Posted by Decker on 7th April 2011

While the focus of the NBA has been on the Miami Heat this year, the Chicago Bulls have been constantly overlooked. Even as a 76ers fan, for some reason, I would rather play the Bulls in the playoffs than the Heat or Celtics. I am part of the problem, and the reasoning is because the Bulls do not have the star power that the other teams do. But that does not make them any worse.

The best player on the Bulls is (obviously) Derrick Rose, who should be the league’s MVP this year. Outside of that, they have a great front court (when healthy) with Boozer and Noah. The Boozer signing went virtually unnoticed this summer due to what happened in South Beach.

The Heat have the most dynamic big three in quite some time, and the Celtics have the championship experience, and a bunch of legendary players no their teams. But just because Rose is a new superstar does not make him any below the others.

If your team is playing the Bulls in the playoffs: Good Luck. They are for real.

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Pack Win Super Bowl, Don’t Blame Cutler

Posted by Decker on 7th February 2011

Fans of the Chicago Bears were let down this season. They lost in the NFC Championship, and they ended up watching their rivals, the Green Bay Packers, be crowned Super Bowl Champions. Many were extremely unhappy with Jay Cutler, who did not play in the second half of that game. It was reported that he had MCL sprains, and possibly worse, but details have been shady. However, Bears fans should not get on Cutler. There have been some cases in the past where athletes had unbelievable games where they played clutch games, while injured.

But if Cutler had toughed it out and played, would he have played well? The Bears even had a third-string quarterback play well and keep them in the game. If Cutler was in, there is no telling how good, or likely, how bad he would have done. Sometimes it may be better for top players to sit, instead of not playing up to par. Should we get on Charles Woodson’s case for not playing in the second half of the Super Bowl because of a broken collarbone? Of course not. Jay Cutler got the Bears to the NFC Championship, and he is not to blame.

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Bull Needs

Posted by Decker on 7th February 2011

The Chicago Bulls are 34-15, and playing very well. But come playoff time, there will certainly be trouble. The Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat all pose as serious threats to the Bulls. While their record shows that they could get to the finals, it will be tough. The Celtics always kick it up a notch come playoff time, as shown by last year. LeBron James and the Miami Heat will be hungry to get that NBA Championship. And the Magic have some aging players, and an extremely hungry Dwight Howard.

With the trade deadline coming up, it may be time for the Bulls to pull the trigger on a trade. Derrick Rose is a superstar, and Carlos Boozer is very good (when healthy), but the team could use another player. They have a great bench, and plenty of good role players. But packaging them for something better could be a possibility. As shown plenty of times by the Cavaliers, regular season success will not automatically translate to the playoffs.

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No-Hitter Landed

Posted by Decker on 30th July 2010

The Chicago White Sox traded Daniel Hudson to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Edwin Jackson. Jackson, who is 6-10, threw a no-hitter earlier in the season. Jackson is a pitcher who has always been shifted around based on potential. Starting out on the Dodgers, he was thought of as a potential ace by many. However, he never seemed to have found his stride.

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Upcoming Autograph Signing: Bruce Sutter

Posted by GameSetMatch on 6th May 2010


Bruce Sutter
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Bruce Sutter Autographed Memorabilia
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